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Pakistan for the first time at SOFEX 2018, the Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference to promote its local defense industry and to announce the 10th International Defence Exhibition & Seminar that will held in Pakistan from the 27 to 30 November 2018 in Karachi.

Pakistani-made Baktar Shikan anti-tank guided missile at SOFEX 2018, Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference in Amman, Jordan. May 8, 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)
To the national pavilion of Pakistan, a full range of military equipment including anti-tank guided missile Baktar Shikan and MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems) Anza 2 are exhibited showcasing the capacity of Pakistan to produce latest generation of weapons.

The Pakistani Company GIDS (Global Industrial and Defence Solutions), a state owned conglomerate, involved in the export and marketing of military, industrial and technological products and services is also for the first time at SOFEX. The company develops and produces different types of indigenous military equipment in the field of land, air and naval sectors.

The Baktar Shikan is a second-generation of anti-tank missile weapon system which pursues the principle of optical aiming, IR tracking, remotely controlled and wire transmitted guidance signals. This anti-tank weapon system is fully designed and manufactured in Pakistan by GIDS.

The Baktar Shikan anti-tank weapon system can is composed by four sub-units including one encased missile, tripod, goniometer and control box each weighing not more than 25 kg thus making the system man-portable.

The missile of the Baktar Shikan anti-tank weapon system can used two types of warhead, the standard and the tandem warhead. has a maximum range of 3,000 m. The missile can penetrate armour of 500 mm with standard warhead, while the tandem warheads are claimed to be able of penetrating armour of over 600 mm.
Pakistani-made Anza 2 MANPADS at SOFEX 2018, Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference in Amman, Jordan. May 8, 2018 (Picture source Army Recognition)
The ANZA is a series of man-portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) designed and manufactured at the Institute of Industrial Control Systems, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Anza MK-1, Anza MK-2, and Anza MK-3 surface to air anti-aircraft missiles have ranges of 4, 5 and 6 km, respectively.

The Anza Mk-I is based on the design and the technology of the Russian-made MANPADS SA-7 Grail. The system is modified to suit the needs of Pakistani Forces. One such major modification is the firing unit, or “gripstock”, which seems to be much modern in Anza Mark III.

The Anza missile can flight at a maximum speed of 600 m/sec and carries 550 g. of warhead explosive. The Anza Mark III has a range of about five kilometers, and sensors that can defeat many anti-missile systems.



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