No Military Solution to Afghan Conflict: NATO (Update)

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that there is no military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.

After talks with NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Stoltenberg said, “We don’t think that there is a military solution to the conflict in Afghanistan, but we strongly believe that we need a strong Afghan force to be able to create the conditions for a political solution.”

The Secretary General warned Taliban that they cannot win war in the battle grounds.

“Taliban has to understand that they will never win on the battlefield, so they have to come to the negotiating table and agree to a political solution. That’s the reason why we are providing military support, it’s to enable a political solution,” he added.

Stoltenberg noted that NATO welcomes any effort for a political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan.

“We welcome any efforts to find a political solution and we strongly believe that this should be an Afghan-led and an Afghan-owned peace process, so therefore NATO support the Afghan-led and the Afghan-owned peace process, which also of course, at some stage, has to include finding a political solution with the Taliban.” he added.

This comes as recently, Taliban has published an open letter to the American people and called on them to demand an end the conflict in Afghanistan and to reject the inexperienced policies of president Trump and his war-monger advisors.


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