Quick Insurance wins the Disrupt Berlin 2017 Hackathon Grand Prize

It’s been a long night at Arena Berlin. The building hosted a very special competition — the Disrupt Berlin Hackathon.

Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome. The only condition was that they only had 24 hours to work on their projects. Some of them were participating in our event for the first time, while others were regulars. Some of them slept on the floor in a corner, while others drank too much Red Bull.

We could all feel the excitement in the air when the 45 teams took the stage to present a one-minute demo to impress fellow coders and our judges. But only one team could take home the grand prize and €4,200. So, without further ado, meet the Disrupt Berlin 2017 Hackathon winner.

Winner: Quick Insurance

Quick Insurance is the easiest way to purchase an insurance product for all your valuable stuff. Let’s say you go skiing for a week with a very expensive camera. In just a few taps, you can insure your camera for a week from your phone.

Runner-Up #1: BillboardAR

BillboardAR lets you turn any billboard advertisement into an instant purchase opportunity. You just point your phone at any ad to get more details, find the closest store or buy online.

Runner-Up #2: Altrui.st

When you visit a site, Altrui.st is going to use your computer resources to mine for cryptocurrencies. But this isn’t a nasty hack as Altrui.st wants to provide basic minimum income to people in need. Read more about Altrui.st in our separate post.


Sabela Garcia Cuesta, Program Manager, Next Media Accelerator
Sabela Garcia Cuesta works at next media accelerator (NMA) in Hamburg providing early stage media startups a place to grow fast and scale in Europe entering first the German market. As program manager she represents NMA in Germany and abroad spreading the program’s benefits for European and Israeli startups, scouting potential applicants for the program and mingling with media executives and investors. She also guides the teams once they have come to Germany to help them reach their objectives.

Tina Egolf, CPO, Clue
Tina Egolf leads pirate ships (aka product teams). As Clue’s CPO she is currently defining the global product strategy and building the product, growth and monetisation teams for Clue, the #1 mobile app for female health worldwide. Before joining Clue, she took a detour into consulting with ThoughtWorks, worked for Podio as Senior Product Manager, founded and failed with her own startup and sold contemporary art. She also blogs about “future of work” and coordinates the Hamburg Geekettes, a network for women in the tech and startup scene.

Susanne Kaiser, CTO, just.social
As the CTO at Just Software, Susanne Kaiser is responsible for the software development of JUST SOCIAL – providing apps for collaboration and communication in organizations. She has a background in computer sciences and a technical and entrepreneurial expertise for more than 15 years. She is also a public speaker on international tech stages.

Diana Knodel, CEO & founder, App Camps
Diana Knodel is the founder and CEO of App Camps (appcamps.de), a non-profit that brings coding and digital skills into the classroom. With a background in computer science, psychology and educational research she worked in academia and the IT industry as a software engineer, product manager and team lead. In 2016 Diana was appointed as guest professor and lecturer at Technical University of Berlin, teaching future educators about coding and CS in the classroom. Diana is an ambassador for the Hamburg Geekettes and brings together aspiring and established female tech innovators. Edition F and D64 named her as one of the 25 leading women in Germany for the digital future.

Lisa Lang, CEO & founder, Electroculture
In now more than 10 years into her technology and media career, Lisa Lang has gained a strong reputation for being a game-changer in digital product and media innovation. She has founded ElektroCouture in 2014, a collaborative house for bespoke technologies. Lisa is a mentor to several European hardware Startups, and has been named one of the top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide.

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